The research in the quantum theory group headed by Frank Verstraete is focused on the study of entanglement in many-body quantum systems. In recent years, it has indeed been discovered that the theory of entanglement, originally developed in the context of quantum information theory, has the potential to revolutionize the way many-body wavefunctions can be understood.


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Our publication on Diagonalizing Transfer Matrices and Matrix Product Operators: A Medley of Exact and Computational Methods appeared in the Annual...


Our paper on Renormalization group ows of Hamiltonians using tensor networks was published in arXiv.


Martin Veznik successfully defended his Master thesis. Congratulation Martin!


Our paper on Finite-representation approximation of lattice gauge theories at the continuum limit with tensor networks appeared on arXiv.


Our paper on Entanglement phases as holographic duals of anyon condensates was published on arXiv.


Our paper on Fermionic matrix product states and one-dimensional topological phases appeared in Physical Review B