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SFB - Special Research Projects

Frank Verstraete's group is also partner within the FWF funded SFB programs ViCoM (coordinated by Georg Kresse, University of Vienna) and FoQuS (coordinated by Rainer Blatt, University of Innsbruck):

ViCoM-Vienna Computational Materials Laboratory

Frank Verstraete's group (together with Hans Gerd Evertz, TU Graz) is working on Quantum impurity Solvers. The main goal of the group is to develop stable and scalable methods for simulating the spectral functions of quantum impurity problems using matrix product state (MPS) based computational methods.

FoQuS-Foundations and Applications of Quantum Science

Here we are working on the Simulation of Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems. The project is concerned with the development of algorithms by which strongly correlated quantum systems can be simulated on classical and / or quantum computers

Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics, Quantum Information
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