New Publication in Physical Review D.


Our publication on Real-time simulation of the Schwinger effect with matrix product states was published in Physical Review D.

Matrix Product States (MPS) are used for the simulation of the real-time dynamics induced by an electric quench on the vacuum state of the massive Schwinger model. For small quenches it is found that the obtained oscillatory behavior of local observables can be explained from the single-particle excitations of the quenched Hamiltonian. For large quenches damped oscillations are found and comparison of the late time behavior with the appropriate Gibbs states seems to give some evidence for the onset of thermalization. Finally, the MPS real-time simulations are compared with results from real-time lattice gauge theory which are expected to agree in the limit of large quenches.


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m/g=0.25, x=100. Comparison of iTEBD simulations (full line) with the approximation Eq. (6) (dashed line). (a): E(t)/g (α=0.1). (b): N(t) (α=0.1).